How To Manually Move A Bruno Stair Lift

Bruno stairlifts are designed to give you a safe and convenient way to get around your home.

They are also known as Incline Elevators because they allow you to go up the stairs without having to strain or injure yourself by sitting in a chair and letting the lift do the work. 

The Bruno Stair Lift has become very popular over the years due to its ease of operation and safety features.

The Bruno stairlift is meant to ease the strain and pain of climbing the stairs by taking you up and down at the push of a button.

How To Manually Move A Bruno Stair Lift

However, sometimes things can go wrong and you’ll need to move the stair lift manually to get it working again. Manual movement of a Bruno Stair Lift can be done using a number of methods. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through how to manually move a Bruno stairlift so you can get back to using it straight away.

We’ll also help you troubleshoot some of the most common reasons why your stairlift has stopped moving automatically so you can get to the bottom of the issue.

Ready? Then let’s get started!

Why Isn’t My Bruno Stair Lift Moving?

There are several reasons why your stairlift might be stuck in place and in need of manual movement. This troubleshooting guide will take you through some of the most common causes so you can figure out what the issue might be.

1) The Power Cord Has Been Pulled Out Of Place

It might seem obvious (and a little silly), but the first thing you should always check is to make sure that your stairlift is properly plugged in.

If the power cord of your Bruno stairlift has become unplugged, or if it’s switched off at the wall, then it won’t have any power and will be stuck in place. 

Check that the power cord is plugged in and switched on and that the power light is on. This is an easy thing to check and can save you a lot of money and hassle on a specialist for a simple issue to fix.

2) The Armrests/Footrest Are Out Of Place

Your Bruno stairlift won’t move if the armrests and the footrest aren’t locked into position. You can easily check whether the armrests are locked in place by pressing them firmly into the downward position.

The same goes for the footrest. You can double-check to make sure they are correctly positioned by folding them up and putting them back down to lock them in place.

3) There Is No Charge

Similarly to having the plug pulled out, a lack of charge is as easy to check as it is to fix. First, check which model you have – the Elan and the Elite are the most common models, but you can see the exact model on the label on the chair. 

The Elite model has two lights that will show the status of your stairlift’s battery: red lights mean that the chair is on, a red and yellow light means that it is charging, and a red and green light means that it is fully charged.

The Elan model only has one light on its display, and follows the same traffic light system as the Elite. 

4) There Is An Obstruction On The Stairs

Your Bruno stairlift won’t move up or down the stairs if there is something in the way. Make sure that the stairs are free from any obstructions as these will prevent your stairlift from working.

5) Listen To The Beeps

A lot of the time, your Bruno stairlift will beep if there is a problem. Different types of beeping will indicate different issues, so you can use these to try and figure out what the problem is. 

A single beep at short intervals will mean that there is an issue with the chair’s position (e.g. with the arm or footrests, the chair swivel, or an obstruction on the stairs themselves).

A continuous droning beep means that there is a problem with the charging unit. This could be the chair not charging, or if it isn’t plugged into the charging unit.

How To Manually Move Your Bruno Stairlift

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to call a professional to help you move your stairlift. They will be able to tell you exactly how to do this without causing damage to your stairlift.

A Bruno technician can come and examine your stairlift for a fee, and will make sure it gets up and running again in no time. 

Alternatively, you can try and move it manually beforehand to save yourself some time and money. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1) Prepare The Stairlift

This is the same as if you were using your Bruno stairlift normally. Lock the armrests, footrest, and chair swivel into place. Check that the stairs are unobstructed, and lock the rail into place if your stairlift comes with a hinged rail.

Step 2) Switch The Power Off And On Again

It’s the age-old trick, but it’s the best way to get your stairlift moving manually. Insert the power key, and switch it to the ‘OFF’ position. Leave it for around 30 seconds, and then switch it back on.

Step 3) Hold The Controller In The Direction You Want To Go

Now, move the control to the direction that you want your stairlift to travel and hold it in that position for a few seconds.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t start moving straight away; you may need to give it a bit of time. After a few seconds of holding the control like this, your Bruno stairlift should start moving again.

Final Thoughts 

It can be worrying if your stairlift stops working, but you shouldn’t panic.

Use the steps in this guide to troubleshoot what might be causing your Bruno stairlift to be stuck in place, and see if you can get it to start working again.

As long as you work through each step, you should be able to get your Bruno stairlift moving manually without any hassle at all.

If you’re still having issues, the best thing you can do is call a specialist to help you. Your freedom of movement is important, so getting your stairlift fixed as soon as possible will make sure that you can move around your house again in no time!

Eddie Lamb