Pros And Cons Of Putting Elderly Parents In Nursing Home

What should you consider before placing your elderly parents in a nursing home? Is it really worth the cost?

When it comes to caring for our aging parents, we often want to give them the best care possible. This means taking good care of their health and well-being.

Sometimes, however, we don’t realize that we might be overlooking some important aspects of their lives.

Pros And Cons Of Putting Elderly Parents In Nursing Home

There are pros and cons to having your elderly parents live in a nursing home. The decision to place your loved ones in a nursing home is a big one.

There are numerous things to consider before making such a choice. Below, we will be informing you of both the positives and negatives of placing your elderly parents in a nursing home.

What To Consider When Putting Elderly Parents In Nursing Home

Before we look at the pros and cons, it is necessary to break down what should be considered when putting them in the home. Whilst emotion plays a big part, we should also consider practicality.

Do They Need Care?

The first thing to think about is whether or not they need care. If they do, then this may be an option. However, if they do not need constant care, then perhaps another solution would be better.

Can You Afford It?

The second consideration is whether or not you can afford it. In most cases, there are many people who have no problem with paying for care.

However, there are others who cannot afford it. Therefore, if you cannot afford it, then it is probably not a viable option.

Are They Happy With Their Life?

This is very subjective. Some people love being in a nursing home. Others hate it. However, there are those who find it difficult to adjust to life in a nursing home.

How Will Your Loved One Feel About Living in a Nursing Home?

This is something which needs to be discussed with your loved one. Many people feel uncomfortable living in a nursing home. For example, they may feel like they are being treated differently because they are old.

Does Your Loved One Have Any Preconceptions About Nursing Homes?

If your loved one has any preconceived notions about nursing homes, then this could affect how he/she feels about the idea.

Where Would You Like Them To Live?

If you know where you would prefer them to live, then this could help you make a more informed decision.

Will They Get Enough Attention?

Another factor to take into account is whether or not they get enough attention. If they do not, then this could only make things worse for them.

Pros And Cons Of Putting Elderly Parents In A Nursing Home

As presented above, there are many things which should be thought about such as how much a nursing home will cost and how this will be beneficial to your elderly parents.

However, what is also important is the advantages and disadvantages.


A Nursing Home Provides 24 Hour Care

One of the best things about a nursing home is the 24 hour care they provide. When your elderly parents are living at home by themselves, there is plenty of time for them to be alone and subject to vulnerability.

As an elderly person, they need extra attention and care which family and friends cannot always provide alongside their daily schedules.

Most Nursing Homes Provide Meals

Nursing homes will cater for your elderly parents by preparing them hot food three times a day. They will also ensure that their meals are healthy and full of everything your parents need to stay strong and healthy.

They Offer Medical Services

Another positive is how the staff are medically trained – this is a requirement.

This means that they will be more suited to medically assisting the elderly than a family member or friend, giving them the correct dose of medication, knowing when to, and making sure medication is always taken.

They are also trained to help in a medical emergency.

They Offer Activities

In a nursing home, your elderly parents will never be bored.

All nursing homes supply activities for the elderly to participate in whether that be having art classes, games of pool, or exercise sessions.

There is always something for them to do and this is not compulsory, giving them plenty of freedom with activities.

They Offer Security

You do not have to worry about the safety of your parents because most nursing homes offer security.

This means that the elderly will be safe inside the home and the staff will know how to react if their security is in jeopardy. As well as this, all nursing homes will have security cameras for safeguarding all the residents.


They Are Expensive

One of the biggest cons when it comes to nursing homes is the price. You may want the best for your elderly parents by taking them to a nursing home but this may leave you struggling financially.

They Are Impersonal

Although staff members will try, it may be different to create intimate bonds with every resident. This may make the facility impersonal and leave some elderly feeling uncomfortable.

There is nothing that compares to being cared for by a loved one, not even being cared for at a nursing home.

They Lack Privacy

Because of the mass of people (staff, residents), there is no privacy. The security camera further contributes to this issue. This can cause some elderly residents to feel uncomfortable due to the lack of privacy.

They Lack Independence

Being placed in a nursing home is difficult for many elderly and one of the most common reasons for this is because their independence is being stripped away.

They have to live under someone else’s roof, may have to rely on other family members to pay for living in the facility, will have their food cooked for them, be bathed, helped to walk, and have set schedules they need to abide by.

This can lead to an emptiness or even anger from the resident.

Final Thoughts

The topic of nursing homes is a difficult one, especially when the topic is involving your elderly parents.

Every child wants the best for their parents and soon a time will come when you have to make this difficult decision.

There are many positives and negatives when it comes to placing an elderly family member into a nursing home and plenty of things to consider.

Hopefully, this list will allow you to come to an overall conclusion and make the best choice for your loved one.

Eddie Lamb