What Is A Geri Chair?

People who struggle with their mobility or other health issues that make it difficult for them to support themselves would benefit a lot from a Geri chair.

If you are not familiar with what a Geri chair is, it is a chair that is a cushioned, customized recliner that is intended to provide additional support.

What Is A Geri Chair?

It can be utilized in homes, hospitals, and other health care facilities.

Jerry chairs, geriatric chairs, postural care recliners, convalescent recliners, medical recliners, and Geri recliners are all names for Geri chairs.

What Is A Geri Chair Used For?

A Geri chair is a valuable addition to a clinical setting or home for those who need more substantial sitting than a standard wheelchair can give.

Geri chairs are ideal for older people, but they may also be utilized in any circumstance where comfortable seating is required.

These chairs are excellent for persons with mobility impairments, as well as for bedridden patients who have trouble sitting straight in a traditional wheelchair.

A Geri chair allows people to get out of bed in a secure and comfortable manner and enjoy a change of environment.

For some people, simply sitting in a chair or getting out of bed can be a painful and difficult task for someone who is bedridden.

This situation means that a Geri chair is perfect as they can assist. Knowing what a Geri chair is meant for might help you pick the best one for your requirements.

There are several varieties of seats, each with its own set of advantages.

Depending on the design format, a Geri chair can give much more comfort and support for sleeping than a traditional bed.

Tilt-in-space and 4-position Geri chairs, as well as designs that totally fold down into a flat sleeping surface, are often ideal for sleeping.

These Geri chair recliners can give pain relief for the neck and lower back, as well as a variety of other health advantages.

These Geri chairs are motorized recliners with an all-steel lift frame that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Because these chairs are made of durable materials, including a wooden frame made of engineered furniture-grade laminate/hardwood, they may provide years of use.

Many of these chairs have handy storage compartments for little items like the magazine, newspaper, or a television remote.

The Heritage Collection’s high-weight capacity lift chairs come in a choice of fabric selections to ensure that the chair mixes well with the rest of your decor.

With a heavy-duty actuator and scissor mechanism, these chairs are also quiet and easy to use.

How Do You Use A Geri Chair?

Some Geri chairs are completely constructed and ready to use, while others require some or all assembly upon delivery.

If you’re worried about assembly and whether you’ll be able to handle it, Rehabmart does provide skilled on-site assembly for many of the Geri chairs we sell.

This is a great alternative for anyone who is unsure about installing a Geri chair by themselves since it covers everything from getting the chair to the desired space to disposing of the packaging waste.

The use of a geriatric chair is quite similar to the use of a wheelchair. Transfer the patient from the bed to the chair.

Most Geri chairs feature a bar or lever that allows you to move the chair into the proper position and secure it in place.

As well as this, the chairs should feature casters with locking to allow for easy movement and security of the recliner.

What Is The Best Kind Of Geri Chair?

While most Geri chairs are wheeled, cushioned, and easy to recline, they vary greatly in size, design, and the kind of advantages they provide.

Understanding what each sort of Geri chair is used for might assist you in determining the appropriate style for your requirements. 

The greatest, high-quality Geri chairs are frequently made of ultra-durable, hospital-grade materials that are carefully engineered for strength while also being simple to clean and disinfect.

The most frequent materials used for the frame are powder-coated steel, PVC, high-strength, and anodized aluminum, while the upholstery is often made of non-permeable vinyl or similar easy-to-clean, protective fabric.

To preserve hygiene and prevent the transmission of infection, it’s critical for everyone, but especially for healthcare institutions where the chair will be used by several patients, to pick a Geri chair, that’s easy to wipe clean.

To give an additional layer of protection against cross-contamination, some manufacturers apply an antibacterial coating to the upholstery.

Three-Position Geri Chair Recliners are among the greatest kinds available. They allow patients to be in three positions: upright, deep reclining, and raised footrest/leg rest.

These postures allow the patient to lie back for sleep, sit up to read or watch television, or simply rest in a comfortable position.

Three-Position Recliners are adjustable, enabling each patient to find the most comfortable position for them. These chairs also include supportive armrests, retractable trays, and leg and foot support.

Some Geri chairs come with a plethora of attachments, allowing for comprehensive customization to match the individual demands of each user.

Headrests, armrests, and footrests may frequently be upgraded or replaced with more specialized designs to improve comfort and access, while additional accessories like as lateral supports can aid in placement.

Some Geri chairs have attachments for oxygen tanks, IV poles, and other medical equipment that users require nearby, while others provide them as an add-on option.

The most typical Geri chair accessory is a tray that may be used for meals, crafts, work, and other activities, and that can also be withdrawn or folded down and away when not in use.


Geri chairs are frequently lifesavers for those who utilize them. They provide extra comfort and posture assistance for persons of all ages who have temporary or permanent mobility problems, and they are wheeled for simple travel.

Geri chairs, which come in a variety of forms and offer a variety of advantages, provide different posture possibilities for sitting, reclining, and relaxing.

Geri chairs resemble recliners in look, but they feature wheeled bases for mobility.

Geri chairs offer reclinable, cushioned comfort to elders and anyone who have permanent or temporary mobility concerns.

These chairs are frequently used for long periods of sitting or sleeping.

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